Saturday, August 8, 2009


We always have to go to Lulu's and eat and shop when we come to Gulf Shores. It is such a great place to go. It is a restaurant by Jimmy Buffet's sister. You eat outside and there are sandy places for the kids to play and all that. The gift shop of course is a favorite of mine. I could shop there all day long. But the guys eventually make the women leave. LOL I got the chicken tacos, they were pretty good. My favorite thing was our fried green tomatoes appetizer, yummy stuff. They had this awesome dipping sauce for it that was delicious! If you are ever in Gulf Shores, you should try Lulu's but make sure you go before 4 because the wait at night time is crazy. The first year we learned that by going at night and they told us it would be a three hour wait. So go early! :)

My Favorite Beach Shot

This is my favorite picture to take of the girls on the beach. It makes it look like it is just them and the beach! :) We are still having a blast on the beach. Not ready to go home yet, of course. My girls are getting so tan! And luckily, knock on wood, noone has gotten burned yet.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tacky Jacks

We went to one of our favorite restaurants tonight, Tacky Jacks. You eat outside and it is nice with the breeze. You sit on these really tall chairs. We waited on a table outside for about 30 minutes or so, it wasn't too bad. As we were leaving it starting pouring down rain. But we made it to the car and back to the condo. Billy went down to try out the sauna. I went there for a few minutes, but I just don't think it is my bag, baby! :) Larry Jess and Deborah went down to the gym. I am just chillin' in the room with the kiddos. Thinking about going to bed soon and getting up early and looking for shells on the beach. Oh yeah, and the souvenir shop there had the best jewelry I have seen so far. So yeah, I spend too much money! Not news to anyone. LOL

The Lighthouse

Right down the road, there was the Pensacola Lighthouse. My mom has always wanted to see one, and we didn't realize there was one right down the road from where we were. It wasn't open to go in, it is only open to the public on Saturdays. My mom doesn't like heights so she didn't want to go up in it anyways. It was a pretty place with a house by it. The papers said it is haunted too! At night, they tell ghost stories and such when you go in it. Anyways, we walked around it and took pictures. It was a nice place. This is a picture of the girls and my mom with the lighthouse.

Pensacola Aviation Museum

We went to the Pensacola Aviation Museum. Of course, Billy absolutely loved it and probably could have stayed there all day! This picture is of the kids on an anchor outside of the museum. They all loved it. There was a play area for the little kids. Also there were lots of planes they had set up to take the kids pictures in. They had a gift shop and an IMax theater. We all went and watched The Magic of Flight, which was about the Blue Angels. It was a great museum.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Return of the Jelly fish

The jellyfish returned today! The kids were not too happy about it. They caught a few and then tested them out by touching them underneath and they didn't sting them. We are not sure what kind they are and if they really hurt of not. They don't seem to hurt, but we may be wrong. So, they decided it would be okay to go out into the water. They played on their boards and threw around a ball Logan got that doesn't sink that is made to play in water. They had so much fun. The boys have been out there twice today, and are ready to go back out now. :) We are getting ready to eat some pizza here in the room and then going to play some putt putt golf. So, there will be more pictures later! :)

Beach fun Day 3

Today, the girls got a little braver about getting in and playing in the water! They would get close to the waves and then run away whenever it would get closer. Caylea got brave and walked with me a little closer and she fell in the wave and loved it! It was hilarious. Me and Deborah went this morning and got us some beach chairs that sit low to the ground and we loved sitting in them. So we got some sun today, but I don't think anyone has gotten burnt yet! Knock on wood. LOL

Morning Fun!

This morning, Billy woke up early with the three oldest boys and took them out to the beach. They wanted to boogie board early when there weren't as many people out there. I woke up when they left and watched them play from the balcony. My dad walked along the beach and looked for shells. The fun was cut short because it started lightning, however, we never got any rain. There was a beautiful complete rainbow that appeared, but we couldn't get the whole thing in the picture. It was so pretty!

Monday, August 3, 2009


We are at Lamberts! The kids have already caught rolls. Waiting to
order our food. It was only about an hour and a half. The rolls are so
good and smells so good in here!!!


We went shopping this afternoon! Here is the shark store. The kids
love it. Now we are headed to Lamberts for dinner!

Swimming fun

The girls love the water, we went down this morning and played at the beach. Caylea's favorite thing to do this year is to try and catch shells in a net. Brianna loves to play in the sand. Logan loves to boogey board. That is all he did the whole time. I got out in the water and it is pretty cold! We tried to take the girls out there and they screamed the whole time and wanted back on shore. Luckily, so far, there are no jellyfish this year, they were really bad last year.

The girls were having a cow to go swim in the pool so we went and did that before we came back to the room. They loved it, it wasn't very deep and they could walk around it a lot. Now we have all gotten showers and had lunch. Now trying to decide what to do now. There is so much to choose from! :) We may go shopping, or play putt putt golf. Right now the kids are stressing wanting to know what we are going to do. The guys just walked down to the beach to check out the banana boats and the Sea and Suds place down the way. Having a great time. I will have more pictures tonight!

Beach fun

We finally made it to the beach after breakfast, getting dressed, and
sunscreen. Going to have some fun in the sun. Be back later!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

First day at the beach!

We took the kids down to the beach for about an hour to play. The
girls put their feet in and played and played. It was so cute. I got
some great pics I will try to post later this week.

The women went to Walmart to stock up on food. It was a crazy place!
Everyone on vacation was there I think. It took a very long time and
the kids were at the condo crying for food. Lol. But we got a lot of
food. The kids got their food and were happy. :)

We are now snuggled in the bed trying to get some sleep! Talk to you
guys tomorrow!

We made it!!

We got our stuff inside and into the condo! Yay! Beautiful white
beaches. Headed down to the beach to walk around.

Almost there!!!

The excitement in the car is rising!
We just stopped and ate at our famous Wendys we always go to. The kids
feed the seagulls that hang out there. I am sure the locals love that.
They know when we get there we are almost there.
Soon there will be singing of song they "made up" of a combination of
'final countdown' and the song that weird guy on American Idol sang
with the feather hat. They modified it to say "you are my brother/
sister, best friend forever". Lol. They always sing before we get to
somewhere on vacation. I love my crazy kids. :)


Feel free to leave comments. I didn't realize there was a setting that
wouldn't let anyone do it without an account. I have fixed it now so
comment away!

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Vicksburg MS

We were in Vicksburg not Hattisburg. Lol. Sorry

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Mississippi river

We just went over the Missippi River in Hattisburg MS. We took some
pictures and had a potty stop. The kids were super excited about going
over the big bridge.

I think that place had the most powerful toilets known to man. Me and
the girls were standing as far away as we could from it when it
flushed so as not to get toilet water on us. I hope we succeeded but
no promises. :)

We all got a refill on caffeine and on our way again. There has been
some sleeping and now the kids are playing with toys and games. 236
miles to go, about halfway there!!!

The girls at Mcdonalds

Here are the girls mad at each other for looking at each other and
copying each other. They are too funny!

Leaving for Vacation!!!

We left Magnolia this morning at about 6:00 am.  We met at the ice machine and got ice for the coolers and headed out for the beach.  

After driving for an hour, we stopped in Homer, LA and ate breakfast at Mickey D's.  The girls already started arguing.   I heard some "don't copy me and don't look at me"  LOL  They were finally happy when they got their pancakes and milk.  They looked so mad it was funny.  Zander made a face plant onto the floor from a tall chair.  Syrup and trash went flying everywhere.  Luckily, he got up with a smile on his face.  My mom's new shoes apparantly are slick on the bottom and I had to hold on to her as she walked around so she didn't fall down.  It was hilarious and I had a lot of fun with it.  I may or may not have said things like "come on Maw" and "I got ya"!  

The McDonalds had a lot to be desired.  The woman who checked us out, was also the person who cooked our food.  I think one person worked there total.  I ordered a large drink and got a McCafe cup which does look pretty cool but weird, must have been outta large cups.  I think that they had the worst diet coke I have ever tasted in my entire life.  The worst diet coke on the planet!!!  So we are on our way again now, me with my clear McCafe cup filled with a Diet Coke out of the cooler. 

We have our caravan of three cars, headed to the beach, we are all excited!!!  And of course I have already heard "are we there yet?"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Never a good sign........ ;)

I asked my son this morning when was the last time he had a shower, there was a long pause. A really, really long pause. Actually I don't think I ever got an answer from him. That is never a good sign. When you ask a question like that and there is a pause, it just isn't a good sign. I don't think I want to know anymore! LOL

It is fun to tease the kids and entertain myself at the same time. This morning I decided when I woke them up I would call them something other than their name, just for fun. I thought I would use the names from the "That's Not My Name" song by the Ting Tings. So Caylea was Jo Lisa, and Brianna was Mary and Logan was Stacey. The rule of the game, which they didn't know, was as soon as they said "that's not my name" their name went back to normal. (I know, I am entertained easily.)

Caylea dealt with it for a while, then as she was getting dressed for Mamaw's house, she looked at me and said "that's not my name". She won! Then we have Brianna, she starting getting angry at me. Ha! That makes it more fun. There were "stop that", "quit", "don't call me that", etc. Finally I told her what she had to say and she is sooo stubborn that she wouldn't say "that's not my name". So I told her that I was going to call her Mary till she said it. It took a while but finally she became Brianna again. But she was NOT happy about it at all. She was all to happy thought to call Logan, Stacey. Logan, last to wake up, woke up to us calling him Stacey. He says "where did that come from?" and acted really confused. (which was freakin' hilarious) He then ignored me and it wasn't any fun, so I gave up. It was a fun game, I thought!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Trying this Blog Thing out!

I am new to the Blogging world, I am going to give it a try! It seems fun. We shall see. :)

IPhone 3GS!

Friday I went to Eldorado and got me and Billy both a new iPhone 3gs. They are a lot better and work much better than our first generation iphones. It has the video camera option, voice recording, texting horizontally, copy/paste, text forwarding, and is much faster. I seem to get better service too. So I think it was a great purchase. Of course we love technology and couldn't stand it that we didn't have the newest one. I would recommend the iPhone, it would be hard for me to do without mine. I could, I would just whine a lot about it. ;) Also got a super cool iFrogz luxe case for it, of course, it is PINK!

Hello World!