Monday, August 3, 2009

Swimming fun

The girls love the water, we went down this morning and played at the beach. Caylea's favorite thing to do this year is to try and catch shells in a net. Brianna loves to play in the sand. Logan loves to boogey board. That is all he did the whole time. I got out in the water and it is pretty cold! We tried to take the girls out there and they screamed the whole time and wanted back on shore. Luckily, so far, there are no jellyfish this year, they were really bad last year.

The girls were having a cow to go swim in the pool so we went and did that before we came back to the room. They loved it, it wasn't very deep and they could walk around it a lot. Now we have all gotten showers and had lunch. Now trying to decide what to do now. There is so much to choose from! :) We may go shopping, or play putt putt golf. Right now the kids are stressing wanting to know what we are going to do. The guys just walked down to the beach to check out the banana boats and the Sea and Suds place down the way. Having a great time. I will have more pictures tonight!

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