Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Found a Button!!!

I am not sure what it is about kids and their infatuation with shoving things up their nose at some point and time in their lives.   But all kids usually do this.   My kids are no exception to this, they have had their turn of embarrassment with this issue.  

Logan found a screw from a computer and shoved it up his nose.  Fortunately, we were able to use some tweezers to pull that out and all was well.  

Caylea, on the other hand, was not that lucky, her experience was a little more traumatic.  

Caylea was about 4 years old and just cute as a....... button.  HA HA HA  :)
We were all at home just relaxing in the living room watching TV.  I heard Caylea blowing her nose in the other room.   Nothing wrong with that, right?   Then she continued to blow her nose... and continued... and continued.   I asked "Caylea, what are you doing?", she says "Nothing!" as she ran from my room into the front bathroom.   I said "Caylea, come here, what are you doing?"   She came out of the bathroom and there was blood running down from her nose and she was completely freaking out and then I freaked out as well!  We ran to her and asked her what happened.  After some time she admitted to shoving a button up her nose.  

These are the events leading to the incident as far as I can piece together.   She was walking along and saw a button on the couch (it had come off a pair of pants).  She saw said button and thought to herself "Hey it would be cool to stick this in my nose and make myself look like a hippo" (literally she admitted to this, you know hippos have big nostrils).  So she got the button in her nose and I am assuming was very pleased with her hippo looking nostril.  But then it was not so fun because the button was stuck......  very stuck.   So the only thing the 4 year old knew to do was to try and dig it out.    She succeeded to shove the button very far into her nose and this made it bleed and caused lots of PANIC!   By the time we found out, it was so far up in her nose, we couldn't reach it at all.  

We all loaded up in the car and headed to the ER and wondered how we would explain this to the doctor.   I am sure the doctor got a giggle out of our situation.  He kindly got some very large tweezers and got the button out in no time.   Thank goodness!  

Having twins has its advantages!  Brianna saw this traumatic event and she NEVER shoved anything up her nose!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Case of the Missing Pants

It is never dull at our house, and I literally mean never.   

I never know what will be next with three dogs, one cat, 10 year old twin girls and one teenage son.  

If you know me very well, you know that I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and to my children I am sure that sometimes this is frustrating.   

My teenage son, Logan, is in full force summer mode.   He sleeps a lot, stays up late, and hangs out with friends almost every day.   

One day, this past week, he was taking a shower about, hmmm, I believe it was 8:00 pm.   When he came out of the bathroom in his boxers, he asked me "Mom, where are some of my pants?"   Well, I guess Mom is in summer mode too because I had no clue where his clean pants were.  Why would he need pants, it's summer, isn't he living in his PJ's?  So, I told him "I have no idea where your pants are, I haven't worn them".  This is my response most of the time to "where is this, or where is that".  Then I told him "Just go naked".     The girls and I found this extremely entertaining and just laughed and laughed.   :)  

Well, he didn't appreciate this response and just sighed at me, sat down at the computer and didn't say a word.  About 15 minutes passed, and out of the blue, Logan says "Mom are you serious about my pants?"    At this point the girls and I broke out into full laughter.   It was hilarious.    Then Logan says "It really isn't funny, I wanted to go hang out with friends and I need pants".     We then laughed so hard that we cried!    

Now, I am not sure why Logan's misfortune was so funny to the females in the house, but it was the funniest thing!   Poor Logan, he has to deal with three girls, he really does put up with a lot!   He deals with it very well.   :) 

But just to ease your mind, I found his pants and he went to hang out with friends.    :)  

Sometimes my kids make me want to pull my hair out and I am sure sometimes I make them want to pull theirs out too.   But we all love each other so much.   They are hilarious and make me smile every day.  What a blessing!  

Psalms 127:3  Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A New Day.....

A lot has changed since I blogged last time...... to say the least.  

My world was turned completely upside down, shuffled up and then put back down.  

Divorce is horrible, ugly thing.  It not only effects the two people getting divorced, but also kids, grandparents, friends..... the list goes on and on.   My divorce was final in March and from about July to March it was a whirlwind of emotions.    There were sad times, mad times, crazy times and confused times.   When you are married to someone for 17 years and they are all you know, it is almost impossible to imagine your life without them.   But sometimes..... there just isn't any way to fix a situation.  The only thing you can do is move on and pick up the pieces.  

I have learned so much since this time last year.    I have learned that my family is there for me through everything.  They always have been there and always will be.    I am so extremely blessed.  I have learned who my true friends are and who aren't.  I am also blessed with several true best friends.    I have learned how to stay strong in a bad situation and hold it together when you really really don't want to.  I have learned that my kids are stronger than I am and they love me so much.  They support me every day and make me smile even when it is hard to.   They are the most awesome people on the planet!

When I thought that all was lost these are the things that got me through.   My kids, my family, my true friends, and most importantly my faith.   Throughout this whole thing, my faith has grown by huge leaps and bounds.   I came to realize that no matter what was going on in my life, God has blessed me and continues to bless me every day.  I have three wonderful kids, a huge supportive family, great friends, a great job, health..... the list goes on and on.  How can I complain that things didn't go exactly the way I planned?  I am not the one in charge, God is!   He has a plan for me that is far better than anything that I could come up with for sure!  

So I have decided to pay attention to the important things.    The "small" things in life that are really the BIG things.  The joy I get when singing very LOUDLY to music with my girls in the car, taking Logan to a movie, laughing, acting completely goofy and joking with my kids, seeing a beautiful sky that God has created for us, enjoying time with my parents, laughing so hard with my friends until my stomach hurts.....  again, I could go on and on with examples like these.   I also realized I needed to thank God every day for all of the blessings he has given me because I am blessed beyond measure!

So yes, my life was flipped and shaken up, but maybe, just maybe it was flipped the RIGHT way.  God has great things in store for me.  :)  

A friend of mine sent me this scripture, it is great and I need to read this every day!  

"She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come."  Proverbs 31:25-26