Sunday, August 2, 2009

Leaving for Vacation!!!

We left Magnolia this morning at about 6:00 am.  We met at the ice machine and got ice for the coolers and headed out for the beach.  

After driving for an hour, we stopped in Homer, LA and ate breakfast at Mickey D's.  The girls already started arguing.   I heard some "don't copy me and don't look at me"  LOL  They were finally happy when they got their pancakes and milk.  They looked so mad it was funny.  Zander made a face plant onto the floor from a tall chair.  Syrup and trash went flying everywhere.  Luckily, he got up with a smile on his face.  My mom's new shoes apparantly are slick on the bottom and I had to hold on to her as she walked around so she didn't fall down.  It was hilarious and I had a lot of fun with it.  I may or may not have said things like "come on Maw" and "I got ya"!  

The McDonalds had a lot to be desired.  The woman who checked us out, was also the person who cooked our food.  I think one person worked there total.  I ordered a large drink and got a McCafe cup which does look pretty cool but weird, must have been outta large cups.  I think that they had the worst diet coke I have ever tasted in my entire life.  The worst diet coke on the planet!!!  So we are on our way again now, me with my clear McCafe cup filled with a Diet Coke out of the cooler. 

We have our caravan of three cars, headed to the beach, we are all excited!!!  And of course I have already heard "are we there yet?"

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